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    WEB addresses:

    http://eur-lex.europa.eu. 2008/1/EC-Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive–new version



    https://www.ekapija.com. With the help of DREPR, 29 manure disposal facilities were built on 29 farms - 12 farmers are preparing to sign contracts.

    https://www.akademijaart.hr (2016): G20 agriculture ministers are committed to sustainable agriculture and the fight against antibiotic resistance.

    https://www.poljoprivreda.info : Economic effects of food localization (3)

    https://poljoprivreda.info: Agricultural land is disappearing

    https://www.agroklub.rs: The EU is losing 275 hectares of farmland every day!?



    http://www.zelenamrežavojvodine.org. Basics of good agricultural practice

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    http://www.EurActiv.rs: EU prepares a new environmental strategy

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: What is LEAP?

    http://www.dnevnik (2018): No manure means that Serbian fields will become fruitless - Urgent increase of livestock needed. Novi Sad

    http://www.bio.bgd.ac.rs: Simić, Subakov Gordana - Monitoring system and bioindicators


    http://eea.government.bg/en/nsmos/soil - Land and Soil Monitoring

    http://eea.government.bg/en/soer/2017/ - Land usage and soil condition

    https://uard.bg/files/custom_files/files/documents/opoksredazem.pdf - Basic training on environmental protection issues in agriculture

    http://cbs.uni-ruse.bg/site/news - "Soils Conservation in Bulgaria" - Project by Angel Kanchev University of Ruse, funded by America for Bulgaria Foundation





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